Wow, lots going on at work, my time has been very fragmented which I am not used to and lots of topics that I wanted to share like what last years HDC2008 conference was like, the awesome experience of going to Los Angeles for PDC2008 (remind me to talk about the blood-thirsty clowns at Universal Studios), different software techonologies I am interested in pursuing, upcoming Bethshire Hathaway meeting (I’ll be in first row – Upper section unless my sister gets me those All Access Passes that we know she can get (hint, hint)…in which case I’ll be seacrhing the back rooms to find Bill Gates to chat with) but I’ll start with my recent Dodgeball experience….. 
Some locals put together a charity Dodgeball tournament and a bunch of guys from our company put together 2 dodgeball teams from the opther depertments – if I had know earlier about it – I know we could have put together a few more from our end of the building as well.  However, a chance to see engineers and other desk-bound individuals spring on a gym floor dodging red bouncy balls?? – that was far too good to pass up – so I brought my son and nephew to come along as I thought it would be great fun to watch – I just never planned on being part of the entertainment myself.  It seems some of the starting times were abit messed up and when it was time for one of our companies teams to play they were short a few people and I was pressed into service – I surrendered my camera to my nephew with instructions NOT to take pictures of me as I knew how bad this could be.  Now I love to play volleyball and sports in general but despite my recent viewings of the movie Dodgeball I found that sprinting across a basketball court from a dead start to get to the balls lying in the middle of the floor when the ref blows the starting whistle was harder than it seemed. 
dodgeball.jpg  About 20 feet from midcourt as I sensed I would beat my opponent to the ball between us, I felt myself toppling forward.  I headfirst slid the remaining 15 feet and triumphantly snatched the ball getting a nasty rub burn along my left elbow that still stings today.  My son and nephew were laughing hard as trust me, it wasn’t nearly as graceful as what I described.  I gathered what dignity I had remaining got back to my feet and actually got 2 members of the other team out on way to our teams victory.  Despite me hoping that perhaps it wasn’t noticed by many others in the heat of the game – it was – however my luck was with me as noone seemed to catch it on film and more cameras did not appear until later in the day.  The rest of my day, my play could be described as pathetic and despite our team winning its first 2 rounds, we were soundly defeated in the semifinals and in the loser bracket as well to end the day 2-2.   But I would play again in a heart beat – that was fun – floor burns and all – not often you can show off your battle wounds at work for having played dodgeball.

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.NET Software Developer working for Innovative Systems, LLC in Mitchell, SD
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