Proposal for a new Title

I’ve mentioned how I have had the privilege these past few years to hear some very good speakers, seen some awesome demos and been part of some very effective training sessions but something really clicked this last week for me regarding what the great ones have had in common. 

Our company, Innovative Systems, LLC,  was privileged last week to have the services of Brian Noyes in town for some custom training.  He really reminded me of what makes a trainer/presenter/speaker great for me and that is an attribute that I like to call P.D.C. – Proficient at Demonstrating in Code.

I think I think we should create a small logo to be attached to the titles and certifications of speakers with this very rare gift and imitate Jeff Atwood’s logo for “Works on My Machine” which I have found to be very useful itself – maybe a logo like below.


To be known as Proficient at Demonstating in Code assumes a few things :

  • First that you are confident enough as a speaker to stray away from Powerpoint
  • Next that you are comfortable enough to type virgin code in front of some of the most critical and perfectionist people – software developers
  • And that you are experienced enough in your topic that you know you will be able to make the code work (usually as a result of extensive experiences with that topic)
  • And finally that you are humble enough to admit when you are stumped.

Sure, sticking with Powerpoints and snippets of code is the safe route but can’t achieve the rarified air of demonstration excellence that can only be achieved by taking the risks that writing new code in front of others can take you.  So when I see these people accomplish this, it is impressive and having watched Brian Noyes do this for a full week here in Mitchell last week, I could not have been more impressed and jealous of his talents. 


About bradosterloo

.NET Software Developer working for Innovative Systems, LLC in Mitchell, SD
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