Off to HDC 2009

Tomorrow I leave for Omaha for HDC 2009 – its one of those things I treat myself to each fall to take a few days off from work and get a glimpse at some speakers and technology that sometimes are just easier to see and understand in a live demo than simply reading a white paper.  It is something I do for myself to keep up to date with (some) changes and keep my curiosity going in this career that I really like and there is no chance a person could become bored with. 

And its always fun since my youngest sister lives and works in Omaha as well so I’ll catch up with her as well down there and visit Buffalo Wild Wings – a treat that we are not exposed to in Mitchell.

This year, among the session tracks that have my interest are :
  • Ted Newards talk on "Rethinking "Enterprise"
  • Scott Guthries talk (unlabled as of yet but does it matter? – he’s the Gu)
  • Greg Wilson’s talk on Creating WPF User Controls for Complex Data
  • Kent Tegels SSIS Talk
  • Mike Douglas’s talk on Team System
  • Don Felkers talk on using Mocks for Testing
  • Also, one small problem planning my schedule this year is my friend’s (Chris Williams) talk on leveraging Social Networking tools happens to be at the same time as a talk on "Hacking the Dark Arts" which has me curious with its very cool name….so Chris, if you don’t see me in your talk, its because I will be trying out my Black Hat.

So I hope to have some good stuff to share with others when I get back as well as give me more ideas for Information Sharing meetings back here.

I also plan on attending Kent Tegels "How NOT to give a talk" talk as leading a team always has me interested in getting my points across effectively.
See you when I get back and I’ll share what things stood out at HDC 2009 for me
PS – For those who don’t live in a true 4-season state, you can’t imagine what our weather has been like this last week.  Its been a very wet summer/fall so lawns never did dry up and go brown like they usually do at the end of summer.  So last Thursday I had to hurry home to mow my yard which was still very much green and growing fast, before the snowfall came the next day – yes, we in SD know what true temparature swings are (our state is even in the Guiness Book of World records for the greatest temperature variance) – yeah, we can hit 110 degrees in the summer we can hit 50 below in winter – but experiencing 3 seasons in 3 days is always abit odd – even after all these years.

Hope your fall is going well (and your fantasy football teams too)


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.NET Software Developer working for Innovative Systems, LLC in Mitchell, SD
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