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After coming across a link to a article in CODE Magazine a few months back, I found that I really liked it.  Enough to actually sign up for a years subscription.  Which when you already spend more than a couple hundred dollars a year on development books and magazines, the wife looks at you and says "Really?".


But just wanted to share with others that it has been a great investment.  There is something about this magazine and how it is formatted that really appeals to me.
Most importantly, the signal-to-noise ratio is very high – I mean, lots of content, and the amount of advertisements per article is much lower than I have seen in other magazines.  And equally as important to me, the level of information is applicable – not extremely high level or too basic.
For example the Nov/Dec issue came to me yesterday with good articles discussing C# & VB enhancements, Julie Lerman discussing Entity Framework enhancements, Sahil Malik talking Sharepoint enhancements – great stuff with great timing (with the VS2010 Beta 2 being released with GoLive license this week).  A few months back, the magazine had a OpenSource theme which introduced me to many areas I was not familiar with in my day-to-day Microsoft toolset world.
Its a very good pool of authors they seem to have gathered together – don’t get me wrong, I still like MSDN Magazine and they have some excellent authors as well but CODE magazine just seems to wrap it in a simpler format that just works well. 
This subscription I have been very happy with and just not sure how I had not heard of it before – but for now, its a keeper and a welcome addition to my collection of StuffBradUsesToStayEducated.
 (it should go without saying but I do want you to know that this is a simple and completely unsolicited nod of approval by a happy customer with no strings or compensation involved – if you can’t trust a Cub Scout Den Leader, who can you trust  🙂

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