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Crazy busy right now at work but thats something we are thankful for.  Our long gentle fall came to an abrupt cold end.  One thing about winter – the nasty cold and darkness arriving before we leave for home each night makes it easier to work later on projects.  I am sure in a few months, temps around zero won’t seem so brutal but today the weather felt just nasty.
Gots lots of projects in the fire right now and many things I plan on sharing once I get more experience with it but tonights post is about other stuff – for example, one fun thing I found was
Wordle – cool site to create word clouds from related words and which I found a blog by an individual using these to generate his own business cards like this
Or perhaps more cartoonish like
These remind me of the best pie chart diagram ever – sorry I don’t remember where I found this to give proper attribution though
What else has been going on in this fine city?  A week ago or so we had our annual nightime Electric Light Christmas Parade – this years theme had something to do with cartoons – which was great because A Charlie Brown Christmas has always been a sentimental favorite of mine – especially the slow "Christmas Time is Here" from that show….I bet there were about 10 floats based on Charlie Brown….something about floats covered in bright Christmas LED lights on a dark night that just seems to make the evening perfect – walking in the parade with my daughter and her schools float made it priceless.
Last Friday night our local community theater put on the classic "A Christmas Carol" – and they did awesome – I think most people severely underestimate the creativity it takes to take that small stage area and be able to transform it into so many different scenes.  The talent was awesome especially the lead – Scrooge played by Kim Lorenzen (our local pathologist) – he slays me and is always fun to watch.  Lots of talent so its always hard to pick out individuals but one that stood out was Jason Zehr – local musician.  Wow – he had a solo which he played on his guitar and his voice really resonated thru our crowd – I have to remember to stop down to Paulson Music one of these days and pick up his CD.  Its a shame I haven’t bought one already by now as I have heard him perform 3 or 4 times now and I know what a talent he is.  So if you are in this area and have not been to the Pepsi-Cola Theater for the Performing Arts to see this play – you really should as it continues on this coming weekend – lots of talent – always impressive to read the program and see their backgrounds as well.
And finally – on yet another completely unrelated note – I finally learned  the lyrics to one of my favorite songs.  I have always loved the song "Ceremony" by New Order and originally by Joy Division.  For over 20 years, I thought I could sing along to this song and now I find that I only had about 10% of the song right…….in fact the story behind this song turned out to be incredibly interesting – turns out this was the last song written by Ian Curtis of Joy Division before his suicide – after his death, his former bandmates formed a new band called New Order and made this their first song. 
But it turns out it wasn’t just me – you see, the lyrics were actually a struggle for the band as well since the lyrics had not been written down and the song only had 2 audio recordings – one of which was only made 16 days before Ian’s suicide – and in both recordings, many of the lyrics were only partially audible – the band actually put one of the rehearsal recordings thru a graphic equalizer to try to make out some of the words.   There has always been a rich, soulful sound in this song for me and now knowing more of the story – it seems to explain why.  The song’s opening line is "This is why events unnerve me" – knowing this now, I would never admit anymore what I thought the lyrics were saying – but I can admit – I wasn’t even close.
Stay warm.

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