2009 – Twitter Style

(Job+=), blog{}, twitter{}, Soccer*2, CS, [+MV-CC] , ISVB{55-5}, FFChampionships++, CowboyPlayoffs++


That pretty much sums up 2009 for me…looking at my Twitter Summary above, it parses like this:


The year started with my job changing and adding alot more duties as I took over the managing of a new development team here at Innovative Systems LLC in Mitchell, SD.  So far I am very proud of what our team has accomplished.  2009 was a huge year for us and gave us many opportunities to tackle new issues and find more ways to develop more effectively as a team.  Back in 2004,  our company took a core, dedicated team to embark on the building of a next generation OSS for telephone companies and the results have been terrific.  Our software suite, eLation, has been highly successful and the software is evolving nicely by adding new functionality that telephone companies need to run their business effectively while staying on top of the latest technology to help ensure that our customers do not become chained to obsolete technology.

blog{}, twitter{}

This year saw me initialize this blog as well as a Twitter account…why a blog?  It was after pondering a Scott Hanselman article (and comments) on the subject of Sharpening the Saw that made me realize the potential value of sharing development experiences with others, finding other like-minded people on specific topics, and just creating a space for myself to jot down goals, and verbalize (mostly to myself) what I hope to accomplish….and as far as Twitter? – I am not a Facebook or Twitter fanatic, however I can claim that Twitter has allowed me to find (and then follow) blogs of other interesting people that I may not have found otherwise….kind of ironic since many see Twitter as a blog-replacement technology but for me its just become a cool version of blogger “white-pages”.

Soccer*2, CS

2 more tour of duties as soccer coach – and blessed with talented kids, we placed first during both Spring and Fall Seasons and more importantly, my son had an awesome time, even got to serve as backup coach for my daughters team as well and she had a great season too…if you ever get asked to coach youth kids soccer teams – do it, its fun and you will laugh if you are doing it right.  Another summer at Cub Scout camp as well serving as my son’s Den Leader also added some great memories.


The Osterloo clan took the plunge and became a minivan family….we had our eyes on getting a Honda Odyssey for a few years now but waited until my Chrysler Concorde had no longer become reliable enough for me to drive out of town….that car served me well but after 15 years, 130K miles, it was starting to require more attention and money, so it was the perfect time to buy the minivan we had always wanted….well, the minivan that my wife had always wanted anyway – but I am OK with it….but not having a car loan for the last 6 years had been sweet.


Our company volleyball re-tooled after a good inaugural season….we just finished percentage points from the top half of the league and so cruised to the bottom half championship…the “Silver” League…sounds better than the Bottom-Half League….however, a few key additions to the team suddenly has our team in the number 1 spot this year with a 55-5 set record …..so far, a dominating start and well out in front with the season more than 1/2 way done….no “Silver” Championship this year.


And finally, my fantasy football team “pure eLation” captured my second League Championship against 14 fantasy football veterans…the secret?  lots of transactions, by the final game only 2 of my original starters remained..Adrian Peterson and Carson Palmer.

But more importantly, the Dallas Cowboys may finally reach their potential and create some havoc this playoff season…that win in New Orleans was awesome.   I have said I would not be adding a Tony Romo jersey to go along with my Aikman jersey until Romo won a big playoff game…this could be the year.

That’s 2009 in a nutshell – blessings and good fortune to all of you and hopefully a great 2010 for all

See you next year



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.NET Software Developer working for Innovative Systems, LLC in Mitchell, SD
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