Much better


Amazing how good just a little over freezing can feel compared to that stretch we just went though.  We still have some pretty large piles of snow all over Mitchell, SD that we wouldn’t mind seeing melt before the next big snow fall.  But the kids and I had a great time sledding at the amphitheater yesterday afternoon. 

Not sure how the announced plans for the city to turn that spot into permanent outdoor seating is proceeding– but everyone you talk to on that issue seems so uneasy about us trading our towns historic sledding site for it.  I understand the desire to have nice outdoor concert areas and if used enough, I bet a nice outdoor concert site facing the lake could become a great addition to our town – but sledding with the kids and watching all of the other kids out there yesterday makes a person still wonder if its the right thing to do….as always, tough decisions for leaders to balance.


About bradosterloo

.NET Software Developer working for Innovative Systems, LLC in Mitchell, SD
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