Report Cards

The kid’s report cards come home in a week and so its a good time to check out my own progress now that 1/3 of the year is gone already

My goals in January that I had blogged to keep myself honest had been to accomplish these in 2010

1) Pass Microsoft Business Intelligence exam

Grade – D (My work schedule during the first quarter of this year was above average, ninjas-on-fire busy so this definitely suffered – I’ll go easy and give myself a “D” however as I have been doing some studying of PowerPivot (formerly known as Gemini) topics – my interest in business intelligence is still very high so I know I’ll get there

2) Write an actual WPF application

Grade – Solid “F” – I know longer term its important that I work with and gain a better understanding of WPF but I have made no efforts in this area since last fall and honestly just don’t care as much about it – so many other things I would rather stay current with – WPF is one of those things like nasty cough medicine that I’ll just have to man up and do – eventually.

3) 8 hours of Continuing Development time a month – whether at Heartland Developer Conference, user groups, MSDN events or MSDN webcasts, Channel9 episodes, etc

Grade – B+ – just got registered for HDC 2010 today (not sure why it took me so long – just busy I guess, its the latest its ever taken me to register even though this year looks packed with more relatable talks than any other year and I have enjoyed all of the other years) –   Our local User Group President Chris Ortman arranged to have Microsoft Evangelist Mike Benkovich to speak locally and we hope to have him back for future talks.  And I did book a few MSDN Live Meeting sessions in the next 2 months on topics I am interested in – most of them either Business Intelligence or making better use of Testing features in Visual Studio 2010, and have been reading up on alot of topics each week

So overall, not a great report card, and one that would still get a phone call to my parents but I am not worried, still have 2/3 of the year to go and I am always the optimist.

From the book shelf

just got done reading a few books, 1491 (America before Columbus) which was a very interesting read, and Code – a book by Charles Petzold – this book needs to be the introductory book for all computer science kids – it is an excellent and simple way to distilling computer science and how computers work.  Certainly its the book I’ll use to help my own kids when they begin to gain interest.

From the blogosphere

I’ll point out a few articles that gained my interest that I stumbled across

First – I loved this article from last year called Seven Habits of Highly Dysfunctional Enterprise Developers, especially loved the line “filthy hobbitses” – some good truths in this list.

Next – I guess I could not say I was shocked who still believed stupid stuff like this – Eyeballs still don’t pay the bills – even after the tech bust of 2001, it amazes me to find there are still people with no business plan other than to get people to look at their website and then hope to figure out monetization later…incidentally, the above article from 37signals was the source of one of my favorite spoof press releases when they announced their company’s valuation had been calculated at 100 billion

I especially loved their valuation formula – "In order to determine the valuation of companies, Bhatnagar typically applies the following formula: [(Twitter followers x Facebook fans) + (# of employees x 1000)] x (RSS subscribers + daily page views) + (monthly burn rate x Google’s stock price)2 and then doubles if it they use Ruby on Rails or if the CEO has run a business into the ground before. Bhatnagar admits the math is mostly a guess but points out that “the press eats it up.”


(Picture from Joel on Software’s article regarding Kathy Sierra’s talk at the Business of Software 2009 – )

Finally – we knew it was coming, and its almost here, while true optical computers are still in the future, the use of optic cables for data transfer is much nearer – Intel has demoed the use of their Light Peak Optical cables and their goal of “the last cable you will ever need”.  It can transfer a full BluRay movie in 30 seconds with known improvements to chop that time down to 10 faster than that

Well I need to get some more stuff done – its good to review goals once in a while and see where I should focus on next – certainly not running out of things to do and thats a good thing.


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