Public Library Trip

Been trying to get the kids to read more this summer rather than just veg out so that means a few trips aquainting them with the Mitchell Public Library….even picked up a few books myself this summer to read – a few of them I was going to buy @ Amazon but was surprised to see them at our library already on the New Release bookshelf– the books from the last 2 months (and my thoughts after reading them) are :

The Boy who Harnessed the Wind


Intriguing story of a guy who changed his life from a poverty-stricken community simply by wondering what he could do with a cheap pedal-powered power supply for a bicycle headlight – the story of how his determination and inventive spirit is the main points but for me the real story is how you feel a real sense of gratitude when you realize the extreme poverty situation these kids are born into and their corrupt governments that doom these people to such a meager existence – forcing you to recognize the huge inherent advantages we have in the US is very refreshing

Sh*T my dad Says


This book just slayed me, I knew of the author from his Twitter account, I loved it – I still laugh at the dad’s quote on the importance of SAT exams….very small book, quick read and definitely good for a few laughs – as a father trying to pass on lessons to my son – this book had me rolling – definitely worth checking out

The Big Short


I had read another Lewis book quite a few years ago called Liars Poker which described the surreal and immoral behaviors at large Wall Street bank – this was more of the same but focused on those individuals who saw the housing crash coming and basically bet the farm on it happening – these people saw it coming from years away which makes you wonder how greed blinded so many financial institutions (and the people making bad loans) so badly – interesting story not a bad book



And finally, this book which somewhere on the jacket talked about how this book would describe how we would reinvent living on Earth in new sustainable ways – I was thinking this book would have some uplifting messages of human adaptivity and creativeness – I was wrong – it was pretty damn gloomy throughout and I just about had to have a whiskey and coke after reading this one – wow, he is definitely preaching a serious end to life as we know it on Earth – which is why the title is “eaarth” a clever renaming of our planet to describe the next stage of living on our planet – don’t know what I think about global warming and what the long term effects are – certainly mankind seems incapable of change until disasters strike but will it be as bad as this books makes it out to be?  I have no opinions on that

Anyway hoping to get the kids more interested in hitting the library now and then and so far it seems to be working – they each have found some interesting books that distracted them from TV, computers, Wii, and Nintendo DS for a few hours anyway – it’s a start


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