And the winner is….the Kindle 3



As I blogged about some time ago, I have really been studying my e-readers, watching the rumor blogs, and trying them wherever I go – I have tried the Sonys, the Nook and the Kindle 2 and I have made up my mind – it will be the Kindle 3 that I will order for myself (since it’s my birthday this weekend and I am tired of waiting)

What helped make up my mind? I mean just as recently as the beginning of June I had ruled the Kindle 2 out since it had these main limitations for me:

  • 6” screen – I had wanted a larger screen
  • No remove-able media
  • PDF Support was not as strong as I needed

So what has changed?

  • The market. The iPad and the Kindle have teamed up and chased out all other of my potential e-reader wish list competitors. The Kindle with its reader-focused feature list and price have scared all other newcomers from the party.

This article does a great job listing the dead pool of e-reader competitors that had looked so promising but could not get to market and compete

  • The Kindle 3 enhancements – by introducing a WiFi version (all I really needed) and adding much improved PDF support (such as being able to pan and zoom into PDF diagrams) as well as the improved contrast readability of an already excellent e-Ink reader – well, that certainly was enough for me to overlook my objections to the lack of removeable media and the previous weaker PDF support.
  • The price – the new WiFi-only Kindle 3 has been introduced at a price of only $139 – at this price, I can live with a smaller screen and I don’t have to worry that a better version will come out in 4-5 months – having a much more portable one at this size is worth $139 (even if I upgrade to my dream toy someday – the Notion Ink Adam which is starting to look more and more everyday like vaporware and everyone is tired of waiting for)

Is it everything I was hoping for in a e-reader at this point in the year – No.

But Amazon has lowered the price to the point that I know I will get my worth out of it anyway and they seem to be successfully killing off all competitors who had hoped to compete but can’t seem to add similar or better products at the entry prices that the Kindles have created. (and again, I am tired of waiting)

So, I will order it tonight.

Hope your summer beers are cold (and although I am not a Twins fan – after visiting their new field with my son this last weekend, I have to admit that I am pulling for them – so, Go Twins!)


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