Waiting for Toys, Twitter Fatigue & Tom Hanks


All right, I did go ahead and order my new toy – the Kindle 3 and now waiting for it begins.  When I ordered it, the Amazon screen said that orders that night for the Kindle would be shipped on or before Sept 10 and that an email sent later would confirm the delivery date.  Checking the website the very next day and I saw the Kindle was now advertising that orders placed then would now be shipped by Sept 17th .  Searching the Amazon discussion boards showed lots of folks who had preordered back on July 27 who were still waiting…..hmm, might be awhile before I see it


Anyway, the Kindle 3 continues to win people over so I am feeling glad about my choice, this article by NY Times echoes this sentiment.

While I wait for some work projects to finish tonight, I’ll share 2 things I saw tonight which I thought were interesting

1) This article by Leo Laporte explains why he is giving up on Twitter.  I used to watch Leo on Tech TV.  Anyway, he describes the neglect of his blog while he focused so much on Twitter and what happened (nothing) because of it – I think its safe to say that this will become a lot more common as more and more people get tired of shouting into the Internet and start to suffer Twitter-fatigue (going to need a new word for that – perhaps a word to express declaring a Twitter Bankruptcy).  I think Twitter is great for some things (real time events, finding other people interested in similar subjects as you) but for most things, blogging just seems so much more effective (and static).

2) And this from Reddit, where someone posted the question “If you were Tom Hanks in Castaway, what would you have done differently – I liked the question, and loved one answer in particular that reminded me of what I was thinking when I saw that movie as well ~ and the AT&T comment was perfect.






And I just noticed that HDC is sneaking up on me – I have blogged about the Heartland Developer Conference in previous years, and this years is just about here again.  Sept 8-10th in Omaha.  Time to crash at my sisters house and see what I can learn this year.  More about HDC later.  I enjoy it, pick up new things, and more importantly, it keeps my interest high in software development as well as introduces me to other topics I normally would not get any exposure to.  Its one of those things I do for myself (and gives me a chance to visit my baby sister in the area as well).  On a sad note, Kent Tegel’s sudden passing away this year will certainly dampen things a bit as Kent had been a fixture there and is where I had first met him years ago with some SSIS questions which he graciously (as always) fielded from strangers like me.  I was glad to make his acquaintance.



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