HDC – just around the corner


So HDC 2010 is coming up next week – as I have talked about before – great chance to get exposed to new development topics, meet some other developers, and hang out with my baby sister who lives in Omaha, NE (and get to Buffalo Wild Wings)

HDC is short for the Heartland Developer Conference held each year in Omaha – I checked out the schedule and found the sessions I’ll be attending and noticed quite a few new speakers that I did not recognize, which is cool – and some topics that are very timely for me right now such as “Session 204 – Moving from the Dataset to Data Services”  and “Session 209 – Creating Quality Software with Visual Studio 2010” – so I am excited again – and a few topics not related at all to work that interest me as well I’ll be fitting in such as Session 106 – Game Development on the Microsoft Surface w/Joe Englan

And HDC has just sold out – again this year – which is why I never wait each year to get registered – you have to take advantage when events come by this close to your home town when you live in the Midwest – my wife has stopped questioning when I invest in things like this – she understands it is an investment in my career – if for nothing else, keeping me interested in new things.


One thing I hope to ask Joe Olsen, the mastermind behind HDC is whether or not they can incorporate some basic background information stats about the attendees

For example, I would be interested in stuff like:

  • What is the primary development language (most time spent in anyway) of the attendees?
  • What is the primary source code repository of the attendees?
  • What is the target software customers of the attendees? (ie.  ISV, develop for internal use, custom contract development)
  • What is the primary target of their development? (mostly Windows apps, web apps, smartdevice)

These things aren’t important but I think they may have a place in choosing session tracks in the future and give people like me a view into what kind of things other developers are doing in this region.

Anyway – if you read this and are from around my area (Mitchell, SD) and will be heading down there, let me know so we can meet.  Otherwise, I’ll report on the conference when I get back next week.


Hope your summer is winding down as nice as the weather here in Mitchell, SD is.


About bradosterloo

.NET Software Developer working for Innovative Systems, LLC in Mitchell, SD
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