A better way to commute

Lots of things I could talk about with work but I have to share the big news I saw this weekend.   After all of the promises, predictions, and guesses made by technologists in the past few decades, it was encouraging to finally see something from my childhood becoming real – and yes, that means, jetpacks.

It seems they are nearing commercial production, and while still abit pricey @ $100,000 – its within my imagination that I could yet fly one of these to work in my lifetime. 

Its specs so far:

  • 8000 feet ceiling
  • 31.5 miles distance that travelling at the maximum regulated speed of 63mph will take you.
  • With a full tank of gas, that would last roughly 30 minutes
  • (Hopefully in the next version we find – a cupholder for coffee or diet-cokes, USB port for my MP3 player, Kindle 3 mount, and obviously the much needed GPS unit and I would be set)
  • My home is right at 2 miles from work – so it looks like I would need to fill up every 1.5 weeks, and my daily commute would be less than 2 minutes, much better than 4-5 minutes it currently takes.
  • Think of all of the new iPad/iPhone/Android web 2.0 Apps that will be needed to supplement the jetpack experience…..Geocaching will be taken to a literal whole new level, same with foursquare.


As I approach the inevitable midlife crisis that all movies have taught me to expect in my 40s/early 50s, this is what has my attention…..sure a commercial flight by Virgin Galactic to the boundaries of space sounds cool, same with the Tesla electric roadster….but compared to a jetpack, forget about it – the jetpack is in a whole different league.   Think of the practical uses – pheasant hunting, hiking Harney Peak with the family (ie. I’ll meet you at the top) – and with a few minutes of thought, I am sure more would come to mind.  Some day, retirement will be here and when it does, I want to go out strapped to a jetpack.





About bradosterloo

.NET Software Developer working for Innovative Systems, LLC in Mitchell, SD
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