Lots of things to share, and in a few weeks when this season’s recruiting session comes to an end, I’ll share more about what I am noticing on college campuses, on resumes, and the like but right now I’ll share two things caught my eye in the news this week

1) France – The crazy nightly displays of rebellion from France as they continue their protests against their governments austerity plans to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62.  Not exactly the worst transgression ever forced onto a country’s citizens for the sake of economic stability and yet the French are protesting, burning, and crying in the news every night how horrible life has become for them.  But its times like this I can really the appreciate the Net’s ability to get commentary from around the world and this week on reddit did not let me down, the comments on this subject this week slayed me as people around the world weighed in on the love/hate affair we have with France


2) Thief with a geek conscience this article caught my eye as it described a professor who had his laptop stolen, and then after explaining to the media how he wished he had a backup of it, the thief actually mailed him a flash drive with the laptop contents backed up…not exactly Robin Hood but apparently not all bad, took some conscience to do that

of course this comment made me laugh……


And this comment makes me wonder if this actually happened – someone actually stole Mr Rogers car and then returned it when they found out whose car they had stolen?….if so, that is too cool.



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