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Software Leadership

Some things I enjoy reading just because they “ring true”…kind of like reading Steve McConnell’s software development books like Code Complete and Rapid Development –        they are chock full of the usual “truths” to software development and common-sense lessons … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

It’s a fun time of year despite an avalanche of work (not complaining, just stating the facts ) but the geek in me likes the little things like this or this, I mean this is way too cool – this … Continue reading

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Baby Kindle – 3 months later

A long time ago I bought a Palm Pilot V to see how I could use it, what things I could do with it and sadly it became just another entry into Brad’s gadget museum – I used it a … Continue reading

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The Facebook Canaries

  I talked about it a few weeks ago and the bubble is still growing perhaps even faster….stock chartists would be looking at this as approaching a blow-off top.  I am talking about the most recent Facebook valuations….they crossed the … Continue reading

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