Reunions & Time (in general) flying by

Just noticed I hadn’t blogged in nearly 4 months since the Berkshire meeting.

Lets see, our high school class of 1986 had a reunion get-together


Hard to believe it had been 25 years already……I stopped down for the opening night gathering at Dr Lucky’s Bar and was impressed that most people I still recognized – a few people I needed help remembering and I think I only called classmates by the wrong name a few times (which considering the beers – I was happy with and consider that a win)……good to see old friends again.  Mark Zeller had me laughing so hard I was crying remembering our class of “bad kids” from 3rd grade, Eugene Field school.  Always strange getting together with so many people from the past considering how far everyone’s lives have taken them in the interim but was glad I didn’t miss a chance to see great friends from the past – you are quick to notice that with the best of friends, the years seem to melt away…… very quickly.

When so much time passes by without blogging, I remind myself why I blog – I blog to keep track of links or information I may want to find in the future (like the posts based on Kindle info), and because it keeps me honest with work and personal goals – and sometimes just verbalizing some topics brings me clarity (not a lot but some 🙂 especially with financial topics, and finally because blogging about computer topics has crossed my path with gurus in the industry which also helps keep me moving forward – so I try to blog once a week or so but life will interfere with that every so often

My summer has been dominated by:

1) My work schedule – MASSIVE work project we completed in July took 50+ hour weeks since March to complete – no-one likes huge time commitments like that but sometimes they are necessary to get it done – and we did and it is something we are proud of which is important.

2) In the midst of that, my son and I spent a week in Nebraska at Boy Scout camp – great time and since my son is still at an age where he likes having me around – I don’t take that lightly and spend as much time as I can with him knowing these days may not last too much longer – and the fishing, the tornados, and the wolf spiders will give us memories and stories to tell for a long time


3) Tennis – finally got back into the groove, lost 30 pounds since Christmas, started running, and thanks to that – my tennis league season worked out much better this year – some of my better tennis in years, and even lucked into a pairing with a State AA 4-time tennis champion who carried me to the Men’s Double championship where unfortunately the other teams strategy of “hit-it-to-Brad” did finally pay off and we lost a heartbreaker 9-8 in a tiebreaker to the 2-time defending champions – but it was fun to be paired with someone so talented and I learned a lot.

Most of my topics will be Software Development, Mitchell, Financial, or just geek-related – but this was just a chance to catch up where I left off.

Feel free to drop me a line if you stumble across this blog




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.NET Software Developer working for Innovative Systems, LLC in Mitchell, SD
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