Kindle Goodies

I learned a few new things lately worth sharing

1) Delivereads – John C at work forwarded this one to me and I love it – free signup with my free Kindle email account gets me a periodical sent about every week or so with 4-5 interesting and random articles culled from the internet by the host, Dave Pell.  Last week there was a great story about real life people trying to live as Super Heroes, etc – great stuff.


2) Instapaper – I know I talked about this site before but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I learned (thanks John) that there was a way to send the web pages you collect with Instapaper wirelessly automatically to your Kindle.

First though, if you haven’t already, you need to go to the Instapaper – Extras section and grab their bookmarklet as seen below and add it to your Browsers Favorites bar


Now you can see the “Read Later” button on my browser Favorites bar which I click anytime I am on a webpage that I want to save and read later


But now (or perhaps it was that way the whole time and I just didn’t notice), I can also set it up to automatically send these articles to my Kindle via Wi-Fi every day or week using my Kindles free email account


And that is just awesome because it just works! nice and simple.




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