Zombie pads

I was reading an article about Hewlett Packard discontinuing their HP Touch Pad and in the comments people were wondering why there are people out there buying these now dead machines up like crazy.


Well, I am one of those who could not resist – as far as why?

  • Had been selling for $400-$500 and now slashed to $99 – love a bargain
  • Built-in video chat
  • While people whine that it only had 500 apps or so in its store compared to the hundreds of thousands of apps in the Apple or Android stores, I think all I really need to use this bad boy is a good browser, RSS feeder, Twitter client, internet Radio, and perhaps Angry Birds – and yep, all of these are covered.
  • webOS was widely acknowledged as a great operating system – the only knock on it was its sluggish speed – already HP says it will be sending out another webOS update to these tablets to address that
  • But if webOS becomes a real issue, already there are groups of people porting Android over to the HP Touchpad hopefully allowing us a path to use the Android store in the future if need be
  • And how about those catchy HP Touchpad commercials that were still running a day or two after the Touchpad was cancelled starring Lea Michele from Glee – catchy little tune


  • And it was the night of my birthday when the news of this crazy firesale hit the Internet, so of course I am going to buy myself a reasonably priced geek toy

But as I was patting myself on the back for having obtained one of these little bad boys and fighting thru the internet madness and the over-crowded HP servers to claim victory during the online stampede, today HP announced they will work thru their remaining stockpile of HP parts and build these little guys until October or when the parts are exhausted – which is also a good thing as the more of these in the wild, the more likely someone picks up the torch for supporting and enhancing these possibly.


Anyway, it’s a $99 toy that costs less than 2 games for my son’s XBOX so I am not exactly going to beat myself up over it if it doesn’t tear me away from my Kindle at all.

And many people are feeling the same way as you can see in these links – but man, this firesale is going to seriously mess up some tablet pricing plans by other manufacturers (other than Apple)

Best HP TouchPad Apps

The 10 Best Things to Do With Your New $99 HP TouchPad

Five ways to use your new $99 HP TouchPad




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