So back in August I talked about “winning” the online stampede for a HP Touchpad during the $99 liquidation sale

Now as far as actually receiving it – that’s become a joke to thousands of Americans including me.  Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry mocks the travel agent for not having their rental car ready despite having reservations

However, 4 weeks later, no real update and a insanely stupid Order Status window has left me with little real faith that it will actually come before Thanksgiving – despite almost daily credit card hold on my credit card and rotating Order Status updates on their website that change 2-3 times a day.

Apparently the Order Status website has an algorithm that checks to see whether something has been shipped yet and if past the window, each day updates the order status to show that it should ship today and each day just adds a new entry to the window (the screen keeps the original row and the last 6 as this has been going on since Sep 1) – it’s been over 3 weeks with no email responses back from HP and I have read the blogs of people demented enough trying to get thru their Customer Service phone maze in India and getting answers that are unfulfilling at best.  They keep claiming that they were overwhelmed by the response and underestimated the effort it would take to support their choice to have a massive nationwide fire-sale and drop their tablet prices from $499 down to $99…….are you freaking kidding me?  Really? didn’t see that one coming at all?  Exactly what kind of Mensa candidates do you have in your marketing department that no one clued you in that this may “sell pretty well”?  Have you guys ever shopped on Black Friday?


So it seems best to forget I ever ordered it and when it arrives in 6-10 weeks, act surprised which with HP’s order tracking system won’t be hard to do. Sure, I could cancel my order but let’s face it – its still a $99 tablet that if it ever arrives should be fun to play with despite the wait.  But this mess of a process seems to not bode well for their web hosting and enterprise business reasons for wanting to leave hardware in the first place to focus on, well, stuff like this….nice job HP, hardly the great demonstration of scalability and customer support that this might have been – hell, this experience could have been your greatest reference example – but I don’t think if I have a nationwide product I was rolling out I could trust these guys now if when it matters the most they cannot fix their own internal issues even after a month – no amount of cute ads with former boxers singing love songs is going to change that perception.  Just saying.

On a completely different note – I am seriously hooked on AMC’s Movie Liner versions of movies – kind of like VH-1’s PopUp Videos only with movies – love these – watched the Top Gun version yesterday to learn all kinds of Top Gun movie trivia and found out that the real Top Gun school actually has a $5 fine for any student quoting lines from the Top Gun movie – you know, the lines like “I feel the need, the need for speed” ..or “woohoo, Jesters dead”( you know, for $5, I’d do it, hell if I were a real Top Gun pilot, there’d be no shutting me up with those lines.)

Or pointing out which scenes were unscripted like Val Kilmer’s Iceman character coughing “bullshit” while Maverick was explaining how he and Goose had been inverted while flying near a MIG. Although as a volleyball player I was insulted by the the volleyball scenes – sure, for fun I’ll suspend belief and go along with the movie that Mav and Goose flew inverted 3 feet above a MIG but 5’6” Tom Cruise repeatedly spiking the ball on a full size sand volleyball court – now that’s just destroying the illusion and insulting me.

Top Gun

It’s the little things in life that bring me pleasure – have a good week – and HP, I’d be happy with a simple, honest email update, is there anyway of fitting that into your new companies focus on enterprise operations? its just a thought.



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