Vaporpad Update

So much for the HP website promising me each day that my long-awaited HP TouchPad will arrive each day.  Here’s the story on that if you missed it.

After doggedly emailing HP Support, I finally got my first real answer back as to when I should expect it


5 Weeks – crap – that’s perfectly timed to mess up my plans – ever since Amazon announced their new 7” android-based tablet named the Fire yesterday (pictures below) I was thinking it was time to cancel that HP order and get in line for the Amazon Fire which is due out in about…wait for it…..yeah, 5 weeks.


But here is why I won’t (right now anyway)

  • First, a 10” Touchpad display is going to rock versus the 7” screen of the Amazon Fire
  • The Touchpad has built in Skype-video calling with its forward-facing camera whereas the first version of the Amazon Fire won’t have any camera
  • But the biggest issue is – Amazon is holding back the plans for their larger tablet – the one that will take on the iPad – until next year, and that will be followed by the usual price-drops, version 2 firmware upgrades and I am sure – a built-in camera.

But I am convinced that Amazon will do amazing things with the Fire and I am already a fan – the $199 price point will allow this unit to take off – their library, and now the licensing deals they are setting up with music & movie channels will make this device a winner.  The rumor is that Amazon is probably losing at least $50 on each device but since apps & content will be purchased thru the Amazon App store – you can see how quickly they recoup any loss.  In the meantime all internet browsing on these devices will be running thru the Amazon cloud services  to cache websites meaning that as the Amazon Fire takes off – they will have amazing (scary) abilities to track every users internet browsing and buying patterns – not even Google nor Apple can do this.

Oh yeah, I really think this is going to take off – and while not a direct competitor to the iPad (right now) – it certainly will make people think twice about plunking down $500 for the iPad when $200 lets them get started in this new tablet world

But each week that Touchpad does not arrive is going to make me want to just give up and get in line for the Fire.

Later, Brad



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.NET Software Developer working for Innovative Systems, LLC in Mitchell, SD
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