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Construction Update–Week #2

Looks like they did finish their dirt work on our new addition.  This week the backhoes came in and dug the trenches around the outside of the new addition to prepare for the pouring of the concrete footings and anchor … Continue reading

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Last Lecture

I know which books appeal to me the most – because the best ones for me always follows the same pattern: 1) Buy book 2) Finish book in 1-2 days 3) Put book away 4) Notice book a year later … Continue reading

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Time for our company (Innovative Systems, LLC)  to grow again Back in June, we announced another expansion effort, the last one was supposed to add enough room for us to grow for the next 5 years at least – it … Continue reading

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Achievement Unlocked

  It only took 9 weeks but the HP Touchpad arrived yesterday……I checked the crazy little HP online order status and it still is abit funky but it did finally update the status to “Shipped”– and it actually arrived   … Continue reading

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South Dakota Code Camp

Time for a road trip… Turns out our company Innovative Systems, LLC and one of our co-workers Chris Ortman are helping sponsor and put together a Code Camp in Sioux Falls on November 5 of this year. Check out … Continue reading

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Post-PowerPivot User Group Talk

Well, my talk to our companies semi-annual user group meeting is done and I think it went OK.  No major glitches demoing in front of the crowd – a little awkward as since I was the only one with an … Continue reading

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User Group PowerPivot Talk Tomorrow

Pretty excited – A few weeks ago I presented a demo on PowerPivot and how it could be used with our billing system to our CEO and other managers here at work and got invited to present at our semi-annual … Continue reading

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VaporPad Update Pt. 3

After HP ended their weeks of silence last week and ended their daily web updates telling me that each day my HP Touchpad would be delivered that day just to break my heart – finally last week they reported it … Continue reading

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Possible worldwide game changer

What happens when you make it possible for millions of people to reach the Internet in a portable way?  How many entrepreneurs could be unleashed by such an action? The world is about to find out – todays exciting news … Continue reading

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