VaporPad Update Pt. 3

After HP ended their weeks of silence last week and ended their daily web updates telling me that each day my HP Touchpad would be delivered that day just to break my heart – finally last week they reported it was actually coming in the next 5 weeks – and oddly, that comforted me.

And today, out of the blue, another email from HP – it appears they are thinking of actually shipping it now.  They could just be toying with me though but call me trusting as I think they just may be telling me the truth this time.


My little VaporPad may be actually a reality in the near future if the above email is to believed – and not only that, they are encouraging me to buy accessories for it – I may not be the brightest guy but I think I may actually require the HP Touchpad in my hand before buying accessories for it  will seem like a good idea 🙂

Ahh, HP, next time check your inventory before taking reservations – something Seinfeld should have taught you


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.NET Software Developer working for Innovative Systems, LLC in Mitchell, SD
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