User Group PowerPivot Talk Tomorrow

Pretty excited – A few weeks ago I presented a demo on PowerPivot and how it could be used with our billing system to our CEO and other managers here at work and got invited to present at our semi-annual users meeting.  So tomorrow morning, I’ll get the opportunity to introduce 140 or so of our clients from across the country to Microsoft’s PowerPivot and explain what it is and what they can do with it. I was asked to remove some of the more technical details like mentioning the Vertipaq-goodness or how the DATA inside the .xslx spreadsheet file actually contains a SSAS-database file but all in all – should be fun.  There are lots of Excel-power users out there in our company’s software community that I think will take a real interest in this.

It’s no secret that I am excited by the technology and the real, tangible benefits that it brings an organization (which may be why they are risking letting a software developer speak to the end users 🙂 .


I only wish I had contacted the PowerPivot team earlier about getting some PowerPivot-swag to give away but on the other hand I would bet money that T-shirt guns are frowned upon at the conference center and I doubt they would have liked my backup plan of shooting things into the audience with my 3-man water balloon launcher anyway (and you know there wouldn’t have been enough room behind the stage to allow for the proper trajectory to avoid damage from direct hits). The more I think about it – it probably is not the right type of venue for that and I could have been the last developer they invited to talk so I best just keep it simple.

But seriously, I am looking forward to hearing feedback afterwards and the questions they ask – and even though public speaking is never included in my dreams or goals – topics that interest me are always fun to share.  And I really want to gauge how much interest there is in loading operational data from our databases into PowerPivot to create customized dashboards for individuals.  I’ll report back how it went tomorrow night.




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.NET Software Developer working for Innovative Systems, LLC in Mitchell, SD
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