South Dakota Code Camp

Time for a road trip…

Turns out our company Innovative Systems, LLC


and one of our co-workers Chris Ortman are helping sponsor and put together a Code Camp in Sioux Falls on November 5 of this year.


Check out the details in the link above – but the key things are that it is free and it is on a Saturday so that most people can attend.  Register now – operators are standing by.

Things like CodeCamp are important – I think it was in Steve McConnell’s book “Debugging the Development Process” where he brings up the point that some people may say they have 10 years experience but only actually have 1 years experience but repeated 10 times – also known as the 10_X_1 syndrome.   Have talked about this before – its important to expose yourself to new things and then be able to compare and contrast what works for you and the software you work with in case there are better or more efficient ways of doing things – and that even if the new things you learn don’t change how you do things, it way give you new ways of thinking about things you encounter.  And when opportunities arise (which can be more rare in South Dakota), its important to take a chance and just do it.

I am constantly reminded of Jeff Atwood’s blog from already years ago which I keep a copy of near my desk Everything You Know will Be Obsolete in Five Years – that was a great article and I welcome seeing subsequent and related articles by Scott Hanselman and others on topics like Sharpening the Saw.………If you are a software developer and don’t grok the importance of continued learning, your career may be short or very limited in scope – 2 things I will be attempting to avoid for a few more decades.

May your tailgating beers stay cold this fall – Brad


About bradosterloo

.NET Software Developer working for Innovative Systems, LLC in Mitchell, SD
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