Achievement Unlocked


It only took 9 weeks but the HP Touchpad arrived yesterday……I checked the crazy little HP online order status and it still is abit funky but it did finally update the status to “Shipped”– and it actually arrived



A little explanation why I am so excited – while our family does have its share of gadgets – we have never had any cool smartphones or iTouch or even iPods (now we do have MP3 players and I did get a Kindle so we are not quite yet Amish) but to have a tablet that we can use to take better advantage of the wifi in the house and when traveling – ability to make Skype video calls to my sisters, and watch videos from bed just sweetened the pot.


So far….love it (biggest challenge has been getting it out of my kids hands during their Angry Birds sessions) – and with my blog hosted by WordPress, the WordPress app for the TouchPad is smooth as well – its got Pandora, RSS Feed readers, Evernote and 50 GB of free online storage of documents with so I think I am set.

And just the other day HP announced an OS upgrade for this little zombiepad – and developers are actively working on getting Android running smoothly on this little tablet so hopefully if webOS does die off, I’ll be able to upgrade it to Android at some point in the future and gain access to the Android Apps Store and keep this little guy alive


So I have an webOS upgrade to download and need to figure out how to make a video call to my sister (I may have to have my 12 year old son to show me how – he has figured everything else out about twice as fast as me when left alone with it Smile )

And then I have some actual software development topics to talk about soon – but my kids and I still have some Angry Bird stages to get past

Have a good one



About bradosterloo

.NET Software Developer working for Innovative Systems, LLC in Mitchell, SD
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