Time for our company (Innovative Systems, LLC)  to grow again


Back in June, we announced another expansion effort, the last one was supposed to add enough room for us to grow for the next 5 years at least – it did but that was 6+ years ago and the company is still growing, so another big addition is getting added on to the west end of our building which is exciting.


Week #1

In fact, this last week the construction got underway with the dirt work getting started.  A single Terex earth moving machine was there right away on Monday morning tearing up the sod, and by that afternoon, more equipment showed up to start in, and by Tuesday it was a hive of activity with 2 Terex machines, compactors, graders, etc.


Then the earth movers started digging out all of the black dirt to get down to the clay taking turns digging out the dirt to dump it elsewhere and returning with a load of soil suitable for compacting – and by Friday their work seemed done on the main site – still activity to the north where I assume a parking lot will be going but hopefully that means soon we will start to see the concrete work and some steel work in before winter arrives so they will be able to work on the interior through the winter – no word on when final completion is expected but I am guessing Spring.

Here is the empty field to the west of us after their dirt work to build up the land with the appropriate dirt


It would be cool to have a time lapse camera to track this.

My thoughts on this? – Well, obviously expansion is good and while many of us love a real small company feel, the fact is that we are diversified in many areas that require more people – which is good for our future, and great for Mitchell.  And that diversity of products (eLation OSS software, APMax, IPTV, Mapping, etc) certainly seems to bring about many opportunities for synergy and a more cohesive experience for our clients – something our competitors just cannot do – the best they can do is dazzle them with a huge list of all their “partners” and the “best of breed” products that each of their partners offer which usually means 2 things:

1) A clumsy total package with lots of people pointing fingers around when they have trouble

2) Many chances for them to sell their consulting services to help them integrate these best of breed parts

To be part of a company that can not just survive but grow in rough economic times is a rarity (for non-PayDay loan and casino businesses, anyway :)) and that’s something we shouldn’t take for granted.



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.NET Software Developer working for Innovative Systems, LLC in Mitchell, SD
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