SD Code Camp


Well, today was the inaugural South Dakota Code Camp facilitated by Seth Larson and Chris Ortman and hosted at the CTU campus in Sioux Falls.

All in all, I think everyone would consider it a successful launch and an informative day – myself I sat in on:

  • Robert Boedigheimer’s talk on HTML5
  • Mike Tarrell’s talk on Virtualization with VMWare
  • Jasons Bock’s talks on Static Code Analysis & Modern .NET Development Practices
  • Chris Ortman’s talk on Why Git

Good talks, I always appreciate anyone not afraid to get up there in front of other developers and sharing what they know.  For me, my favorite talk was Jason Bock’s talk on Modern .NET Development Practices.  Jason always does a great job teaching solid, pragmatic principles that get me thinking about how I should be working and luckily I have had the opportunity to hear him many times in the past at HDC as well.  But as I mentioned, all the speakers were informative – and there were a few other sessions I wish I could have gotten to listen to but going on at the same time as another I was attending.

Congrats Seth & Chris on a successful code camp – and thanks to all of the speakers

Twitter @sdcodecamp #sdcc1



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.NET Software Developer working for Innovative Systems, LLC in Mitchell, SD
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