Changes to Education

This is where education is headed and it sounds like a great idea


With accelerating costs, cash-squeezed school districts and tough budget cuts to be made – this article makes sense.  Why wouldn’t a district have a core group of its educators working on a “home-made” set of curriculum that can be tailored to their school, updated as needed, spread to the web as needed?

In fact, you start to wonder – why hasn’t this happened sooner – or maybe it has and I just hadn’t heard much about it – but except for very current and/or technical subjects – this just makes sense – so many teachers are getting their Masters – why not have financial enticements to enlist a core group of them to help shape the curriculum with their own flavor and to find new ways to save districts money and probably create a more tailored experience for those classes

The software used by the school district comes from a non-profit foundation called CK-12 created by Neeru Khosla and her husband, the founding CEO of Sun Microsystems because they wanted to improve math and science in the US

Check out this video on their foundation

The Tech Awards from CK-12 Foundation on Vimeo.


This in combination of replacing all computer labs with virtualized, thin clients to avoid having to keep all lab machines updated and patched will just become the norm in many areas as companies like Neverware address issues like this.


Budget shortfalls will encourage districts to find more creative ideas that are win-win as we would expect people to begin exploring as schools face dwindling reserves and tax bases.

Other neat ideas include


With the Internet and the importance of public education, these are exactly the kinds of ideas I expect to see a lot more of as budgets continue to shrink




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