Latest PowerPivot Versions

Been jumping back into PowerPivot this week, and upgraded the demo machine I use to the latest SQL Server 2012 RC0 version of PowerPivot and so far I have not experienced any problems with it


re: SQL Server 2012 – previously codenamed SQL Server “Denali”, it was officially named SQL Server 2012 at this years PASS (Professional Association of SQL Server) conference with an announced release date of 1st half of 2012. (I have to admit I was hoping for a time frame granular to a specific quarter but you take what you can get – still hoping sooner rather than later)

As far as PowerPivot versions, I have used 3 of them now:

  • SQL Server 2008 RTM PowerPivot Addin for Excel versioned 10.50.2500.0
  • SQL Server Denali PowerPivot Addin for Excel versioned 11.0.1440.19

and now

  • SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot for Excel 2010 Release Candidate 0 versioned 11.0.1750.32
  • [UPDATE – Aug2012] – SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot Addin for Excel RTM versioned 11.0.2100.60

As fun as it is to try out the new enhancements, it gets daunting remembering to fix workarounds (Date Table changes) and to update with recent enhancements (such as DISTINCTCOUNT and any worksheet relationship changes) that the newer versions allow – and to remember these differences when going back and forth between versions as we do have some production PowerPivot dashboards in production on RTM while all demos are now using RC0 but the enhancements are worth it.

If you are checking out PowerPivot – go straight to the RC0 version – just be aware that the later versions of PowerPivot are not backwards-compatible with the current RTM version but the enhancements in CTP3 and RC0 make it impossible for me to want to look at anything in the current RTM – specifically the inability for current RTM version to maintain its formatting in a PivotChart alone is reason #1 not to do anything in RTM for me – the KPI and enhanced abilities to sort slicers by any method other than alphabetically is just added gravy

The full Microsoft CTP3 Release Notes are here

PowerPivotPro’s article on the same represents the level of happiness with the latest versions of PowerPivot

While Dan English’s video does a nice job running thru many of these welcomed enhancements

PowerPivot Denali CTP3 Demo from Dan English on Vimeo.

Now if I could only get more votes for my PowerPivot suggestion to allow us to tailor a row view on the fact table for when users use the new drill-through action (another new feature) – users don’t want to see all of the columns associated with the underlying fact table – I am telling you, I really think it’s a good generic idea that could benefit all of us Smile




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