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Construction Update–Week 13

Didn’t take long for the steel to get put up on our company’s latest addition. In fact, the new building really took shape this last week. Curious what comes next…..walls, pour the concrete floor, or roofing? Brad

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Latest Books

Normally I try to balance the books I read, and alternate an occasional fiction book into a steady diet of reference, software, business or financial related books.  I was all set to start in on the latest book I received … Continue reading

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Assorted stuff from the junk drawer in my head

No specific topic, just some things that came to mind recently I found interesting but not worth a whole blog post on.   1) Wish I knew the story behind this…. Murdo, South Dakota – Sculpture of Skeleton Man Walking … Continue reading

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A year or so ago, I chaperoned my son’s class field trip to Pierre to visit the South Dakota State Capital building.  One of the things that resonated the most with me was hearing the stories about the artisans hired … Continue reading

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The “There should be a beer named”….Hall of Fame Update

                              In my world, I have 2 entrants in my “There should be a beer named after Them”…Hall of Fame 1) The IBM Black team who was my inaugural inductee on June 18, 2009.  Their story should be taught everywhere. … Continue reading

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Construction Update–Week 11

Not much activity on our new building expansion lately – apparently they have been waiting for the steel which did arrive this week And in just 2 days the building is just shooting up with a forest of I-Beams   … Continue reading

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