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Normally I try to balance the books I read, and alternate an occasional fiction book into a steady diet of reference, software, business or financial related books.  I was all set to start in on the latest book I received as a gift from my baby sister that I had #1 on my Amazon Wish List – “Thinking, Fast and Slow” a book written by the Nobel Prize in Economics winner, Daniel Kahneman – I had seen it recommended in so many blogs and places that I had to read it…..but before I could start it, a coworker had a copy of the

“Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”

laying on her desk, I started to browse thru it, next thing she loaned it to me and I was hooked (thanks Allison) – you see, I am interested in going to the movie (the trailer looks so interesting) so I had to read the book first


Finished it yesterday, and I certainly understand it’s mass appeal – unique characters, and a story line that pulls you in – in fact, as I was reading it, thanks to the movie trailers, I could envision the movie or at least what I imagine the movie would display it as – normally I don’t care for the darker movies but this one I’ll have to see thanks to the book.  I just don’t have time to get pulled in to the other 2 books in the series so I purposely avoided the sneak preview chapters of the other books they included at the end of Dragon Tattoo.

The other book I had finished right before reading Dragon Tattoo was

“be different – Adventures of a Free-Range Aspergian”


This book from the New Release case at the library I found very interesting as it was written by a young male diagnosed with Aspergers and he describes the challenges he has faced, how he has evolved and adapted, and the things he has learned over the years – very interesting such as how he said most social conventions such as “polite manners” just don’t make sense

His quotes:

  • “Aspergians like me are notoriously logical and straightforward and much of the time, manners are neither.”
  • “As an adult, I have a blindness to sarcastic tone, body language and expression”
  • “Now I know I can thanks Aspergers for my need to know everything possible about something and to do my work as perfectly as I can.”

He shares how calm he was responding and providing emergency assistance at a horrible car accident due to his very logical mind, and how he has had to train himself to identify sarcasm and pick up those non-verbal and verbal clues of sarcasm that the rest of us take for granted.

Now its time to get back to “Thinking, Fast and Slow” because this book looks like it will take some serious time to chew thru as it filled with scientific data supporting theories on how we think, but it sounds from other sources that its well worth the read.

Its amazing how much easier it is to find time to read on the weekends once the Cowboys are out of the playoffs.




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