The Best books are still in paper

So I mentioned in a post last October that I knew which books really resonated the most for me as they were the ones that after reading, I would pick up later and read again.  But the REAL indication of a great book for me is one that I feel I need a paper copy of rather than just buying the Kindle version.

The book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, was published back in 2002.  I think I originally read in back in 2004 or 2005, it’s a small book and I happen to be able to read pretty fast so I actually finished it while still in the Barnes and Noble store and put it back – I mean, I had already read it – why buy it? And went on checking out other books.  Probably a year or two later, again picked it up while browsing thru Barnes and Noble in Sioux Falls, remembered how much I liked it and how much I had actually remembered lessons and stories from it but put it back down on the shelf.  But then last year, while again browsing, picked it up and finally bought it just because I felt like I needed a paper copy of it.   Its comforting to know the best books still have places on bookshelves and while I love my Kindle and its portability, bookshelves are becoming more a trophy case for me as far as the books that really are worth the space they take up in paper.



But back to the book, I see on Amazon, the reviews still have it pegged at 4.5 stars out of 5, and I have since found it referenced on a number of MBA-recommended reading lists.   If you haven’t read it and want a better understanding of team dynamics written in a very straight-forward, non-jargon  method – in my opinion, this be the book.  I have loaned it to others and the consensus is the same – it’s a great book.

And it really needs to be bought in paper.




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