Pilgrimage to Berkshire Hathaway, 2012

Just about time for the annual trip to Omaha and listen to Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger ponder the Berkshire Hathaway company, future of American economics, and hundreds of other topics

Yep, tomorrow is the date when the worlds largest shareholder meeting takes place in Omaha, NE and over 40,000 people will pack the Qwest Center (I guess now renamed the CenturyLink Center) to hear Warren and Charlie take questions from the crowd, from some industry personalities (including my favorite – Becky Quick of CNBC 🙂  and for the first time ever, some stock analysts will be in the discussion as well.



This year, we have a newcomer with our gang, in the past we have had all of my 3 sisters attend, my mom, my wife, and brother-in-law go with us, but this year, I have a nephew interested in going as well, so this year he is making the road trip with my sister & I.  I think he’ll learn alot there.

Even though the Class B Shares are extremely affordable for everyone since their 1-for-50 stock split  brought them down to $81, most people don’t realize that for $5, anyone can gain a pass for the weekend festivities by requesting them thru their corporate office……years ago Warren got tired of shareholders scalping their credentials on eBay, so this was his solution to head that off – I think it was a great solution as the Q&A with Warren, and the professional journalists and the randomly selected public questions provides a great learning opportunity for everyone

So while Don and I are standing in line at 5:30 AM this Saturday morning awaiting the stampede into the stadium to get our favorite seats, I’ll be trying to figure out how many of these I have been to now – I think its around 8 of them now and each year I have come home with more education or a new way of thinking about some investing topics – hope my kids are interested in attending one of these years


I’m so lucky this is held in Omaha to allow me to fit this in each year, we’ll talk to people from around the world who will be in line with us – its amazing.



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