Going dark for a week

Was working on a new post based on data visualization resources I have been reading lately including the blog named Perceptual Edge by Stephen Few, the happenings at Visual.ly and other goings on in the data visualization world such as at cool companies like Qlikview that I have been immersing myself in lately as I prepare a datamart for some intra-company demos and decide where we are going next.


But first, time to take a week off for that annual summer tradition of chaperoning my son’s Boy Scout Troop to week-long Summer Camp – be back next week and hope to finish my post then – in the meantime, I got lots of reading material while I am down there and the weather looks awesome. 


You know, I still prefer hotels to tents every day of the year but with my son entering 7th grade next year – these days of being able to do this are already going by too fast to ever turn it down.  Last years camp ended with multiple tornados, golf-ball size hail that destroyed my wife’s minivan, and yet – here we are – just can’t pass it up – if camp was uneventful, we wouldn’t have such great stories to tell.

Back in a week – have a good one



About bradosterloo

.NET Software Developer working for Innovative Systems, LLC in Mitchell, SD
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