New geek toy–FitBit

Since joining Twitter a few years back, I was always abit intrigued by brother Mark Ingall’s periodic tweets that looked like this


After Bing’ing FitBit to see what the hell a FitBit was, I found I liked it immediately – this sounded exactly what I was looking for – a pedometer that tracks lots of statistics about my fitness throughout the day but then wirelessly would transmit it to my computer and display it is a dashboard

So far, its great – it is tiny and is easily carried in my pocket and each time I come within 10 feet of the charging station at home, it wirelessly downloads my stats to my internet login page at the FitBit page

Where I can see my stats for the day

And I can see how many steps (and when) I took throughout the day (Can you tell we take breaks at 10 AM and 3:15 PM at work and walk outside 🙂 and that I took a walk tonight?

Since I wore it last night to sleep, I can even check out my sleep habits – how long it took me to fall asleep, how many times I stirred thru the night, etc – don’t know how they do this but I find this cool

And even a summary of my days activity levels

Average Americans walk around 5000 steps a day – the FitBit tries to encourage you to walk at least 10,000 a day – and its actually working – I find myself most nights fitting in an extra walk around 8 PM to get over 10K steps if I have not gotten there yet – and the joining of a FitBit community group of those over 40 to see how I rank nationally in a group of 400+

I find that during an average tennis match – I move around 2.5 miles which was interesting to know, but it was wearing it at Boy Scout camp this summer that was interesting – there  I logged between 9-16 miles each and every day – it was .7 miles from our campsite to the Dining Hall alone just for breakfast – well, when each meal is a 1.5 mile round-trip – the miles add up

Anyway, this boot-camp-like week was certainly one of my most physically demanding but did get me temporarily into the Top 3 Leaderboard in the national FitBit community for people over 40 – woohooo – won’t happen ever again but it was cool while it lasted


All in all – cool gadget – one that I have been using faithfully for the last 2 months – only because its is easy and requires no tracking – just an occasional recharging every week or so on its charging stand – the perfect toy for a geek looking to get more fitness in and it has been encouraging me to do exactly that – just what a software developer sometimes needs

have a good one




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