Sunday night, 10:30 PM – I had a decision to make – do I force myself to stay awake until 12:30 AM and watch the Mars rover Curiosity landing?  Once I committed I knew that any mission difficulties, communication gaps, etc could make my late night a long one as I would not be able sleep at that point without knowing the outcome.  So of course, I chose to stay up and watch – which with the Olympics keeping me up most nights anyway, was not a big deal.

But the Mars mission was awesome, flawless and backed by a terrific website that had the link to live streaming TV from Mission Control via Ustream to make the whole experience pretty cool.



It was cool to be there when the news came down that they had confirmation the rover was on the ground and intact

(I had to commemorate the moment by taking the below screen shot 🙂 – yeah, I know that’s a big admission of being a hopeless geek – I should photoshop myself into this picture since I felt I was there in spirit


But NASA is really getting this stuff down, and doing their best to engage the public – even setting up a Twitter account for the Curiosity Rover – how many Twitter accounts can claim to be on MARS and already has nearly 1 million followers


This may not be a 1984 Winter Olympics moment from Lake Placid – but for those of us born after the first man on the moon – its way cool – I mean our kids will grow up in a time when driving remote controlled vehicles in outer space will become commonplace – so staying up late Sunday night was so worth it, much better than telling my grandkids someday about how I read about it the next morning.


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