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Recent PC Issue resolved with Windows Update & Messenger errors

MSN Messenger stopped working on my machine the last 2 months.  (Internally my coworkers & I use it to alert each other when we are ready for taking a break outside.) I had researched this for a long time, Messenger … Continue reading

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BI Visualizations

When I think of data visualization (or data viz as many refer to it now), two examples come to mind that got me interested in the idea of infographics or data visualizations representing data being turned into information. My first … Continue reading

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PowerPivot Bug/Issue (Researched)

In a previous post, I used a recent PowerPivot issue of mine to highlight some great Microsoft Technical Support I received from a member of the Excel team, Ms. Susie Martin. As far as the actual bug, we did come … Continue reading

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More stuff from the junk drawer (part 2)

Todays post isn’t work related – today more things I have been thinking about. Shark Tank Of all of the reality shows on TV, the one that surprised me the most that I enjoy watching with my 7th grade son … Continue reading

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Practical Advice & (some) Best Practices for PowerPivot Dashboards

Here are the topics/best practices to talk about regarding creating Dashboards using PowerPivot based on what I have learned from others and a lot of trial & error.  (This is another one of those posts where the primary audience in … Continue reading

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Stuff I’ve read recently

These were articles I had come across lately that I really liked The first was this one from the LA Times regarding an engineer on the Mar’s Curiosity team whose job it was to think of worst case scenarios every … Continue reading

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