More stuff from the junk drawer (part 2)

Todays post isn’t work related – today more things I have been thinking about.

Shark Tank


Of all of the reality shows on TV, the one that surprised me the most that I enjoy watching with my 7th grade son and 5th grade daughter is the Shark Tank (OK, we watch Wipeout together too but that’s for pure non-thinking joy Smile )  – But its rarely you can talk to your kids about career, risk, entrepreneurship, inventions, negotiating in a natural setting – and No, not during every episode but in small doses these topics do come up and its fun to talk about them while watching these people on TV chase their entrepreneur dreams – I don’t have the risk-taking gene in my DNA that these people do, however I have been fortunate enough to become friends with people that do and have taken the kinds of risks and leaps of faith that some of these people on TV have – and it always intrigues me to ask them – How did they do it?  What were they hoping for and how close to Plan B did they come?

I first found out about this show by reading James Altucher’s column in TechCrunch last February – which got me interested enough to watch the show – and now I am hooked.  His article which I have gone back to read now that I am a regular of the show – does have some good observations into some of the shark’s tactics in cutting the best deal.




I may be the last convert to this tool but as long as I am hooked, I may as well mention it.  I used to struggle to Icon placement at my desktop – you see on my 24 inch monitors @ work, I keep a lot of icons on my Windows desktop – roughly 30 or so (and yes, I need them all) – I used to have issues with icons getting moved all around and generally hoked up when remote desktop-ping into my work PC from home and so I started to use a freeware program called IconRestorer to take snapshots of my desktop icons so I could restore their order any time I needed it – but recently (after an internal demo) I was abit embarassed by the clutter on my screen and that’s when I remember Scott Hanselman & others including LifeHacker (love their site, have their book) talking about Fences.


Great tool, lets me organize my icons into groups, move groups of related icons to different placement and with a single double-click, hide them all, and with another double-click, bring them all back.  One group for common tools (timesheet program, postal web service tools), another group for Company-related links to our internal intranet (FTP download sites, Client info), another one for URLs for my own personal growth to read after work.

Now my desktop looks like this – a lot more manageable, and much easier to hide if I am looking for a clean backdrop during a demo of anything


Bing rewards

I do like free stuff, but free stuff for simply using Bing whenever I search – fine with me.  I was already a Bing convert awhile back when Google started to do more evil (kidding, it wasn’t due to morality I changed, just wanted to check Bing out).

But lately our family has been earning a Redbox movie or game rental every month or so – and that’s pretty cool – once I installed the Bing rewards toolbar on everyone’s login @ home. I could save up for Amazon gift certificates but Redbox free codes are quicker to save up for and more of a treat for the whole family.


And lastly, occasionally I do reference some of my own blog posts that have hyperlinks or other tidbits that I don’t want to forget – to make that happen to my WordPress blog and to have them show in my Favorites – I have to mark it that I “Like” it.  Below is the notification I get whenever I do that – love someone’s sense of humor that came up with this.  Bet they would be someone you would want to have a beer with.  Of course, I shudder to think that there could be a younger person reading this that won’t get this joke.


image (Looks like a perfect day for tennis today)

And as always, Go Cowboys.


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