Recent PC Issue resolved with Windows Update & Messenger errors

MSN Messenger stopped working on my machine the last 2 months.  (Internally my coworkers & I use it to alert each other when we are ready for taking a break outside.)

I had researched this for a long time, Messenger would start up but then not let me log into the client MSN Messenger app (I could login on the browser however) – MSN Messenger would give errors like

Signing in to Windows Live Messenger failed because the service is temporarily unavailable”  and “Error Code 8e5e0247


I could login thru my browser however so I knew the login was good and the service was running.  I uninstalled Live Essentials, reinstalled and every other rain dance possible.

The plot really thickened this last week when IT informed me that my workstation had not been taking the weekly Microsoft patch & upgrades as it should be for some time now, and sure enough, when I tried to manually force my machine to take and check for latest Windows Updates – I would get an error – then I started getting a new message periodically stating that my copy of Windows 7 was not genuine or authentic (forget the exact wording) – well, that explains why my machine could not get updates but still left the question of why it believed my PC was no longer legit. 

I even saw a bunch of error messages in the Application Log Event Viewer like this:

The Cryptographic Services service failed to initialize the Catalog Database. The ESENT error was: -583.

Worse yet were the number of forums and posts where people had given up and reformatted their machines and chalked it up to things like viruses….

But I had come across someone’s post a month ago describing similar issues with people having over 700 GB drives (which I do) and how on some MSDN Forums, it was suggested the underlying issue is really a driver issue and the Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers & RAID drives


And it just so happens that a month or so ago, I had a drive go out and had to have it replaced in my RAID set.


…..and you know what? 

The suggestion to download the latest Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers actually fixed everything.   Windows Update now works, my machine thinks it has a legal copy of Windows (which it did), and Messenger finally works as a client-side app.  Will probably find some other odd behavior has disappeared as well.

Hope this helps someone else solve it quicker



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3 Responses to Recent PC Issue resolved with Windows Update & Messenger errors

  1. Paul Swarthout says:

    OMG, I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for your post. Thank you! Thank you!!
    A hard drive dropped offline on our Windows Server 2008 R2 server 2 days ago. While the mirror was rebuilding overnight, the 2nd hard drive also failed leaving me with a dead server in the morning. Rebuilding the server was interrupted when Windows updates failed to run after installing the Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers and building the mirror. I spent 5 hours reading and trying suggestions from Microsoft and others before running across this post. Once the mirror finished building, I upgraded the Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers and viola! Everything is working again!!

    Thank you!

  2. tom rose says:

    will not let me log in

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