Mitchell, SD…..FTW.

It was a big month for our city Mitchell, SD.

Thursday night on one of our families favorite shows – The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, they focused a news report on the effect the drought has had on the Corn Palace and how they would be forced to doing the murals in 8-shades of color versus the normal 12.

Check out the video—a-shucking-disaster—nightmare-at-the-mitchell-corn-palace


Mark Schilling, director of the Corn Palace did a great job.  Colbert has made fools of so many people for a living which would spook most people going on his show but Mark did great playing along and in the end, it came off as a good fun spoof (with lots of publicity) for the Corn Palace.  I did not envy Mark and what it took to appear on such an irreverent, satirical show, especially if he has watched Steven for long, but it ended up being a great segment and fun to watch.



Then last month, FOX News featured Mitchell, SD as well in a story filed by John Roberts on Sept. 11 that centered on a former union Chrysler welder from Illinois unable to find a job when his was downsized.  But then he heard about jobs in South Dakota and now works as a welder at Trail King here in Mitchell (Trail King makes specialty truck trailers for construction and hauling)


The welder, Abraham Kirk, said “This is a non-union shop,” he told Fox News, “and I definitely could compare this to Chrysler – a union job where they treat you well, you get good benefits, you get a 401k, they take care of you.” – which I thought was high praise.

The story and subsequent news report on FOX News focused on the more than 11,000 job openings that employers in SD cannot find workers to fill.  Our state even recruited to find 1,000 of those workers from other parts of the country.

On Monday, I spoke at a job symposium on the Dakota State University campus, and all 6 companies speaking at the symposium seem to have the same message – jobs are available and finding good employees is difficult.

On Tuesday, a coworker of mine and I represented our company, Innovative Systems, LLC, at the South Dakota State University Engineering Career Fair, and there we talked to employers from out of the state coming to South Dakota to look for the same thing – great workers.

Despite the economy, people with skills can still find great jobs.

It was great to see our city featured twice on the national stage during the last month.

And in less than 10 minutes from now, the Chinese Ringneck Pheasant hunting season begins here, another time of year when we get visitors from around the world (and their dogs) for this tradition.  Straight from wikipedia:

Pheasant hunting is very popular in much of the U.S, especially in the Great Plains states where a mix of farmland and native grasslands create ideal habitat. South Dakota alone has an annual harvest of over a million birds a year by over 150,000 hunters

Hard to believe, this sport has gotten so big, I am not a hunter, but my son has enjoyed learning to shoot a shotgun so I could see him do it some day. But with a state population of only 800K, having 150K participate in this season is abit crazy to comprehend.



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