Mitchell, SD FTW (again)

Just days after my previous post over our city’s moment in the spotlight on the Steven Colbert show, it seems we are once again in the spotlight, a little more obscure spotlight but still an honor.


With this latest honor, Mitchell was just named as one of the 21 “Smart” Communities in the world and remains in the running for the title of the world’s Intelligent Community.


Apparently based on criteria such as education & technology, our fair city has earned some recognition – for a city of just 15,000, we certainly have our fair share of engineers & computer scientists working at a number of technology companies in town, our students in our Junior High are some of the only ones in the US doing all of their coursework on iPads, our city is wired up with fiber directly to our homes and businesses, and we boast a fine private university in Dakota Wesleyan and our 2-year trade school Mitchell Technical Institute seems to be busting at the seams with new students due to its popular offerings of wind power training and so on

You can check out the announcement made the other day here.

Or you can check out the spoiler list below



Not often you see Mitchell, SD in the same list as Rio de Janiero – not bad for a small city sitting on I-90 – a previous video made also made note of the concentration of technology here calling it Silicon Prairie.



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.NET Software Developer working for Innovative Systems, LLC in Mitchell, SD
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