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Office 2013 & PowerPivot Issues

Had some issues reported to me the other day regarding some PowerPivot dashboards running in Office 2013 that had originally been created in Office 2010 – I am not running Office 2013 yet but obviously I am going to have … Continue reading

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Life of Pi

After reading James Cameron’s (director of Titanic & Avatar) endorsement of “Live of Pi” I knew we had to check it out.  And then on the CBS Sunday morning show, David Edelstein put it best It’s in 3-D in some … Continue reading

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More PowerPivot & Excel bugs & quirks

Some more PowerPivot oddities to share tonight based on issues I had encountered while building dashboards. For returning readers, you may remember how not long ago I was plagued by a PowerPivot Slicer issue where the PowerPivot Field list would … Continue reading

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SD Code Camp

Got back from South Dakota Code Camp Saturday evening and have to admit it was a good day. My own schedule? First up was a session on the use of the Raspberry Pi – I have mentioned this before but … Continue reading

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Looking for the good

Wow, after a nasty political race, the terrible damage by Sandy, and the attrocities recently uncovered in Sioux Falls of human trafficking – this story blew me away – just totally blew me away – thanks for sending this Chad.   … Continue reading

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