SD Code Camp


Got back from South Dakota Code Camp Saturday evening and have to admit it was a good day.

My own schedule?

First up was a session on the use of the Raspberry Pi – I have mentioned this before but seeing one in action has me pumped up – time to buy the beginners kit and get going on building a XBMC entertainment center the size of a deck of cards (just about)

Can you believe that small little thing in the below picture that the keyboard, mouse and monitor are hooked up to is a Linux computer that only costs $35?



Next up was a session on iOS App development – this was all totally new to me and worth getting the exposure to it – I thought the Apple IDE was pretty slick.

After a quick lunch at Panera’s, next up was a session about SQL Attrocities, then a session about my newest passion – Data Sciences, and then finished the day by attending a talk labeled “Embracing Your Inner Designer” – excellent talk by Josh Broton – very information & entertaining – really hit it out of the park – one of those speakers that make me feel so inadequate

Yeah, it was a whole day away from home on a Saturday with an hour drive to and from – and yet, I always judge these things on my personal scale and follow the 2-out-of-3 rule to determine its worth to me

My 3 –point scale?

  • Did I learn something of value?
  • Did it stoke my inner fire for learning more?
  • Would I go again?

And this one scored a solid 3, so kudos to the gang for setting this up and to my own employer, Innovative Systems for being a primary sponsor of a learning event such as this – it’s the professional responsibility for all of us software developers to stay relevant, those of us that don’t do that are playing with fire.



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.NET Software Developer working for Innovative Systems, LLC in Mitchell, SD
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