Life of Pi


After reading James Cameron’s (director of Titanic & Avatar) endorsement of “Live of Pi” I knew we had to check it out.  And then on the CBS Sunday morning show, David Edelstein put it best

It’s in 3-D in some theaters, and I don’t care if you’re sick of the surcharge and it gives you headaches, see it like that, and be drawn into its unique reality.

The film is splendid.

Probably you want to know about the computer-generated effects – the CGI tiger and so forth. Don’t look at me. I got this book in the mail, “The Making of ‘Life of Pi.'” Cool, huh? You take it. I’m sure there are many behind-the-scenes videos online. But here’s the thing: I DON’T CARE!

Once upon a time, people could say, “Wow!” and wonder, “How’d they do that?” and leave it there. Now, “How’d they do that” is a cottage industry.

I’m going to leave it at “Wow!”

My whole family went to this today and fortunately, it was in 3-D, and he is right – I was glad to pay the 3-D surcharge, this movie is what 3-D was meant to do – enhance the story in magical ways.  It’s rare that a movie blows me away – whether it is Star Wars back when I was just 9 years old, or the Matrix in my thirties, how rare it is to find a movie that you know when you leave was so much more unique than so many of the others (and I see A LOT of movies).  I am so glad I went, the previews of a boy trapped in a lifeboat with a tiger originally looked just too fanciful for me but word of mouth brought me to it – and unlike the trailers for movies such as Flight which I saw last week but honestly was so underwhelmed since the entire plot was excruciatingly explained in full from the trailer alone, Life of Pi was special.

Life of Pi had its surreal moments that reminded me of the better parts of movies such as “What Dreams May Come” and the ending of “Vanilla Sky” – (did watch the end of Vanilla Sky again the other day, how was this movie not a bigger hit?)

Yeah, Life of Pi is one of those movies that we will be comparing to for a long time, and in the same way that reviewer David Edelstein does not want to know how they did the effects, I don’t want to read the book – I think this time I will leave this movie alone.




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  1. tracy says:

    so.. this is what you’re doing instead of sparking, hmm…

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