Christmas Time & Linus

After 24 hours of listening to the tragic news coming as a result of the Connecticut massacre shooting of those school children, its painful for me to imagine how this could happen and impossible for me to imagine how I would feel losing my kids in a similar fashion.  So on the computer today, I tried to listen to Christmas instrumentals – I love my Mannheim Steamroller Christmas albums and came across some of my older favorite Christmas songs as today I tried to stop thinking of the horror those people are going through while still keeping them in prayers.

One of the Christmas songs in particular reminded me of when I try to explain to my kids what TV was like when we basically had 3 channels.  How some traditions became so big and so popular because of our limited choices.  Whether it was the Charlie Brown @ Christmastime, the annual fall showing of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and especially Saturday morning cartoons, the limited choices for entertainment meant a captive audience and that is why I think our generation has far more pop culture artifacts & memories we share with each other.

I was never into jazz music although I have heard some kinds of jazz that I really like, but my introduction was of course….The Charlie Brown Christmas special….here is a YouTube link to the specific song that always catches me when I hear it.

Hard to believe that show with this song first came on the air in 1965 – a bit before I was born but the show was still going strong when I was a little boy and still on the air today.  The album done by the jazz trio, the Vince Guaraldi Trio, was voted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2007 and added to Library of Congress’s National Recording Registry of culturally and historically important sound recordings.  How a collection of jazz songs ever appealed to such a wide cross-section of America is still amazing to me and hasn’t happened since which reinforces to me how unique of a period we grew up in.  Still one of the most popular Christmas albums of all time.

Which takes me to my irrelevant question of the day – my favorite Charlie brown character?  That has to be Linus.


Linus was the one who didn’t care what others thoughts of his blanket, and yet who always tended to be the one with his head on straighter than the others.  The one who seemed the most insecure but actually was the most grounded. And in the Christmas Show when the message of Christmas was a mess, it was Linus who stepped up and spelled out what Christmas really means with conviction and clarity.  Who can forget Linus’s Christmas monologue seen below?

I always knew that Linus must have been special to Charles Schulz the writer and wondered who he represented in real life as I assumed he drew his characters from life experiences – I did find articles with him where he did eventually mention that Linus represented his spiritual side.  And that makes sense.

Heavenly father, may you place your hand of healing on all grieving families and provide the support they will need to overcome this tragedy, in the name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.


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