Christmas, Festivus & Blog Guests

Hope everyone had a great Christmas season.  I know there are a few of you out there that just don’t care for the Christmas season whether it’s the commercialization of it, the time and financial pressures of having to get gifts, or whatever – but in the end I guess it’s what you make of it that decides how much enjoyment you will get out of it.  Myself?, what’s not to love about seeing some family, sharing some great food, sharing memories, having an extra day off, getting to visit with our baby sister back from Dallas for the week?  That’s all good stuff.  My 3 sisters and I still have a gift exchange between us where we draw names – on my list this year – the Raspberry Pi.  The cool little $35 Linux computer on a credit card-sized board that people around the world are finding lots of cool uses for.  I know some of you out there will whine and say “what’s the point of having a gift exchange” and then telling people what you would like – all I can tell you is that the difference is whether or not you have fun with the process – if not, then stop – but as for us, we still enjoy it – must be the little kid in us.


My Pi is in the mail on its way after being on back order for a few weeks, I’ll share more once I get it and have done something useful with it.  Certainly lots of people have been working with it and doing some cool stuff.

Only disappointment with my family is that no one else in my extended family knows about Festivus (celebrated on December 23rd) and while my coworkers know what Festivus is all about – this year Festivus landed on a Sunday so I could not share Festivus with them – even Google celebrated Festivus in their own way by displaying a picture of an aluminum pole along the left side of the search results when searching for “Festivus” on that day – since Festivus celebrants know that the symbol of


Festivus is a single non-decorated aluminum pole – as George Constanza’s dad mentioned “because I find tinsel distracting” – at least next year Festivus is on a Monday.

Speaking of Google humor, I did get a kick out of this little Google gem, try doing a search for “Where is Chuck Norris” – found out about this while my son and I were looking for Chuck Norris jokes – my favorite Chuck Norris joke?  Ghosts like to sit around campfires and tell Chuck Norris stories.


More Google goodies can be found here

And finally – today’s post is going to be short – I noticed that I don’t blog about money or investing nearly as much as I thought I would originally be doing when I set this blog up – heck, I even mention it as a frequent topic in my About section, but other than talking about the annual pilgrimage to Omaha for the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting I really haven’t talked much about that topic– well, that will soon change as well as I have a few financial topics on my mind as I wrap up looking at our family’s financial picture for the year  (sure can’t wait until that Minivan is paid for) but meanwhile, I did get an end of year recap from the good people at WordPress that host this blog, and the one thing that blew me away is where guests to my blog have come from.

Check this out, among the countries that have had at least 1 visit to this blog, look at some of these countries from the bottom of my visitor list – in all visitors from 70 countries were recorded – the blog topics with the most visitors?  PowerPivot & BI – which reinforces how universal software development and information technology are if a blog post from the Midwest USA can get  read by someone in Myanmar….and to my one visitor friend from Uganda, I’d like to say “olyotya”.


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