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Financial Knowledge, one letter at a time

It’s been weeks since last blogging, lots to get done at work, field trip to go sledding at Great Bear with son’s Boy Scout Troops, some volleyball matches and a few more obligations in the meantime but if there is … Continue reading

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Robots & Apple

Raced back from Sioux Falls late last night as my son and I attended a Boy Scout event at the Science Museum where they were hosting a full day course for the Robotics merit badge.  They used the Lego Mindstorms … Continue reading

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On the Importance of Groundhog Day (the movie)

Today is Groundhog Day and sure enough, its easy enough to find the 1993 film of the same name that you can usually find playing on AMC or TNT and it’s one of those movies (just like Red Dawn, Dirty … Continue reading

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What did you do last year?

One post I came across late last year and kept was this one. It asks the question – Have you invested as much in your career as you have your car? [Brad – I would rephrase this to “as you … Continue reading

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