What did you do last year?

One post I came across late last year and kept was this one.


It asks the question – Have you invested as much in your career as you have your car? [Brad – I would rephrase this to “as you have your smartphone”]

And I liked the idea he presented :

“Sit down and write an annual report – not for your company or department, but for your own career and personal life”

The article brought up some good advice, makes you wonder what if I did apply just a little more planning to our career, our hobbies, the development of our kids – what might I be looking back on with pride one year from today if I did this?  And more importantly, what am I proud of using my time for last year?  That can be a little scary to honestly assess sometimes.

Check out Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt’s daughter Sophie, she got to tag along with her dad on a visit to North Korea, and then she blogged about the entire surreal experience – check it out – its a pretty bizarre look at North Korea from a young American’s view point.


Her blog reporting of her travels was a cool use of her time when she got back (they were warned not to take cell phones or computers into the country) and may have been the most important thing she did last year (I have no idea if that’s true, maybe she did some other really cool things but this one blog entry effectively shared more information in a few minutes with thousands around the country about a country few know much about )


Here is what a small team in London pulled off last year.  They created a extremely innovative, yet low-tech light source for the poorest around the world – places in Africa, and India, where there is no electrical grid, and where people relied on fire or kerosene for a light source and lived with the implied danger of fire or kerosene lamps in their huts.  For these people, this small team created the Gravity Lamp – you can read about that here.  That’s a year to be proud of right there.

So in the spirit of that topic – at Barnes & Noble in Sioux Falls last week I picked up a book to try to learn a few things, the book is “The 10 Day MBA” which advertised itself as a compilation of all of the lessons learned at today’s top business schools offering MBAs (calculating Net Present Value, ethics, and supposedly everything else I would have learned had I gotten my MBA –  we’ll see – so far, pretty good read)


A more immediate (and less important) goal for me probably should be to improve at table tennis, I thought since I had played some in college that I was better than I actually am.  Now that we have a ping pong table in our break room at work I am finding it hard to find my appropriate skill level as I have been pummeled by a few people already and I haven’t played all that many different people – maybe a year from now I’ll look back and see that I have improved quite abit – that’s the hope anyway.




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