Financial Knowledge, one letter at a time

It’s been weeks since last blogging, lots to get done at work, field trip to go sledding at Great Bear with son’s Boy Scout Troops, some volleyball matches and a few more obligations in the meantime but if there is one thing to wake me up, it is that this Friday night is the big day, the anticipated arrival of Berkies everywhere of Warren Buffett’s annual letter.


The annual letters, which you can find all of there here, are filled with bite-size morsels to understand capital allocation, valuing businesses, insurance float and the importance of owning companies with an enduring, competitive advantage.  Saturday morning will be spent printing out this bad boy (usually around 20+ pages) and finding a place on the couch until all has been absorbed – just as tens of thousands of others around the world will be doing.

A guy that still lives in his family home purchased in Omaha for like $30K decades ago and whom has given more to charitable pursuits than any other human in earth’s history willing to share solid advice – yeah, that’s worth reading.  Speaking of charity, anyone else see Bill Gates recently appeared on for a “Ask Me Anything” online session – the guy is amazing, you can check out his foundation’s annual letter here.  Since retiring from Microsoft (dammit Bill, they need you back!), he and his wife have practically eliminated polio from this earth and are using technology to lower child mortality rates whether they go with the most efficient use of technology and capital – absolutely incredible use of talent in his retirement.

Next week, back to some software development topics.


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