Back from Berkshire

Next blog post will be on a user meeting topic I presented to our companies annual meeting a few weeks back but first, some housecleaning, as its BRK annual meeting time!

Back from yet another Annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting, and once again, I came home not disappointed.  My buddy and I got our usual upper deck front row seats, and now it seems we have a small posse of other Berkies who are on to our secret favorite spot as we were flanked by the same gentlemen as last year – Joe, a retiree from Kansas City Missouri, and Norman, a financial planner all the way from Bonn, Germany – this year bringing his daughter as well – at the end of the meeting, we parted by saying – “see you guys next year” and I bet we will.  Soon our section of annual attendees may need t-shirts – the people and friends you meet in a stadium filled with 40K people is amazing

Unlike last year (as I noted in this post) we were unable to appear in the background of any Fox News reports at the Marriot hotel lobby – this year Fox News was finishing up as we strolled though.


The kickoff movie this year included a special episode of “Breaking Bad” with Jesse & Walter cooking up a batch of peanut brittle in their meth lab while Warren Buffet comes to buy them out in the name of Sees Candy – one of the best BRK opening movies yet


– not quite at the same quality of the Jamie Lee Curtis video a few years back where she was seducing Charlie to allow Warren to buy the high tech stocks that both are known for avoiding but this year’s movie still a great one.


40,000+ people from around the world gathered to hear Warren & Charlie break down financial and economic issues into common sense, and watch first hand how a first rate company is built and grows unlike any other company in history.  Watching 2 men over the age of 80 only concern themselves with how the company is positioned for the next 10-20 years with little regard for what the market will do over the next 6-18 months is amazing.

My favorite quotes that came up this year

Charlie while commenting on how Warren’s diet of Cherry Cokes, hamburgers, and DQ ice cream has unleashed such financial potential and how Warren has obviously stumbled onto something. 

Warrens response: “wait until we come out with our new book on nutrition – it will be a best seller”


Charlie – “Envy is the only sin that there is no fun in – and you know what the Bible says about that – ‘Don’t covet your neighbors ass and such”


Warren – “I don’t know how I would manage money by strictly using financial analysis and only using the published numbers”

Charlie – “You’d do it poorly”


Charlie on the economy – “if you are not confused, you must not understand it very well”


Warren – “In general when you think you know more than you do, you are generally going to get into much trouble – that rule applies outside of Investing”

Charlie – “Especially matrimony”


This year was supposed to be spiced up with the addition of a well known Berkshire-bear, a well known individual who would get to ask questions from the panel as a person who has shorted Berkshire Hathaway stock – of course he is in the red on the bet, BRK seeing its income rise 51% this last year is slaughtering that bear – but his questions were lame, and honestly any loyal Berkie could have answered his questions and his final question turned into a sales pitch for his investment company – sad… I really though it was going to add more to the discussion this year – good thing the other panelists asked far better questions


But it was a great trip and highly recommended for those who have not listened and learned from the worlds greatest and most patient buy & hold investor and it will change how you view investing if you read his annual lettersHIGHLY recommended and I can’t wait until my son or daughter are old enough to show interest in going


Next post – back to software development – probably…


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